cutting boards

A knife is as prized a possession to a chef as any item in the kitchen. Nearly 20 years ago, Robert  was inspired by a custom cutting board he purchased in Santa Fe to begin the process of learning the trade. As an executive chef and restauranteur, Robert puts  care and precision  into each designed board, making it a central item for a kitchen or a heritage gift for a friend or loved one.


Inspired by historic furniture that become heirlooms as well as stand the test of time, Chef Black works with his wife Lori to design functional, but artistic furniture that provide stories over meals, gatherings, or just quiet times with a cup of coffee.


Robert has been asked by restaurant friends, friends, and family alike to design and build custom pieces for their businesses and homes. Some are as small as a side table to as big as live-edge communal tables serving as the centerpiece of a restaurant. Contact him to start the process of designing your own functional work of art.